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"Kettle of Fish" Buttons

The texts used for the ale buttons are:

  1. Morris dancing: an exercise in fertility.
  2. The things I'll do for beer money!
  3. As a matter of fact, I do know how ridiculous I look.
  4. I'll be there with bells on.
  5. If you have to ask, you probably don't want to know.
  6. The music(ian) will tell you what to do.
  7. Have you seen a bunch of other people dressed exactly like me?
  8. Powered by caffeine, ibuprofen, and beer!
  9. I am not making this up! Really!
  10. Dances with earworms!
  11. Don't mention the stick and bucket dance.
  12. Don't try this at home. Join us for practice and then do it in public.
  13. I'm pushing insanity to new heights.
  14. I do this to embarrass my □ family □ friends □ spouse □ kids
  15. Morris: the joy of six.
  16. What goes up must come down...on the beat!
  17. This is even more fun than it looks!
  18. These colors don't run, but they do clash.
  19. Massive stealth fail!
  20. No, I don't hear bells. Why do you ask?
  21. All of my friends think I'm normal.
  22. Join us. We'll let you be the squire!
  23. Don't blame me. I just play the music.
  24. It's English folk dancing. Yes, really.
  25. I do this to get you to give me money.
  26. I'm a model. This is the latest fashion.
  27. These tunes make me jumpy.
  28. Do what the second corners do, four measures sooner.
  29. We're part of an espionage agency—we're the decoys.
  30. It brings good luck. The more money you give, the more luck you get.
  31. It's genetic. I get it from my parents.
  32. Made you look!
  33. Think of it as "Sesame Street meets biker gang, set to music."
  34. The outpatients are out in force!
  35. I only have to look less foolish than the president.
  36. Yes, the swords are real. This used to be a dance for eight.



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