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Red Herring Morris Booking Request Form

Thank you for your interest in booking Red Herring Morris for your event. Please fill out this form to give us the details we need in order to arrange for a suitable performance. A representative of the group will contact you within a couple of days.

Whenever possible, Red Herring Morris asks that you book performances at least four weeks in advance. This will ensure that dancers and musicians have adequate notice to commit to performing for your event.

Note: items marked with a yellow asterisk (*) are required.

Your name:*

Name of your group, organization, or event:
Does your group or event have non-profit (501(c)3) status? yes     no



Description of event:

Date of event:*       Time of event:

Location of event:*

Is the location indoors or outdoors? outdoors     indoors

If the event is outdoors, what will happen in the event of inclement weather?
The event will move indoors, and the performance(s) will take place as scheduled.
The event will move indoors, but the dancers will not be able to perform.
The event will be postponed or cancelled in the event of inclement weather.

Please describe the site: (Size, dance surface, location of the audience, etc.)


What time(s) would you like us to perform?*

Please include:

  • The time frame when you would like the performances to occur.
  • The duration of the performance sets. (How many performance sets? How long should each set last?)

Which of the following activities would you like us to include?
Perform morris dances (5 minutes per dance)
Perform instrumental music (3-5 minutes per tune/medley)
Teach a simple morris dance to participants (10 minutes)
Lead participants in singing (3-5 minutes per song)
Lead participants in a maypole dance (10-15 minutes)
Perform a mummer's play (10 minutes)


Will amplification be necessary? (Select one.)
Amplification is not needed. (Most of the audience will be within 10-50 feet of the performers.)
A megaphone or portable amplifier will be required. (Most of the audience will be within 30-100 feet of the performers or the environment will be noisy.)
The event will provide a sound system with technician. (Some of the audience will be more than 100 feet from the performers or the environment will be very noisy.)


Is there anything else we need to know? Please let us know about details such as parking,

The fields that have a yellow asterisk (*) are required. If you leave any of these blank, you will get an error message when you try to submit the page. If this happens, use your Back button and fill in the field with the error.



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