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Booking Red Herring Morris

Red Herring Morris welcomes an opportunity to perform at your event. We regularly perform at a wide variety of venues, including community events, folk festivals, fairs, farmer's markets, weddings, private parties, etc.

Belmont Farmer's Market, Belmont, MA PeopleFest, Manchester, NH

Performance Requirements

In order to provide a fun, exciting, and safe performance, Red Herring Morris needs the following:

Dance Surface
The dance surface should ideally be at least 15' × 20' (though we can make a slightly smaller space work if necessary). The surface can be indoors or outdoors, but it needs to be relatively flat, level, smooth, and free from obstacles.
The performers normally dance to acoustic music without amplification. The space should be quiet enough that the audience can hear a fiddle or penny whistle. We can provide modest amplification if needed (such as the microphone/PA systems that street musicians typically use). However, if more amplification is necessary, you will need to provide your own sound system and sound engineer.
Staging Area
During the performance, we will need access to "offstage" space where we can keep instrument cases and other gear.
The dancers can perform a single set of up to 60 minutes, or two or three sets of up to 45 minutes each, with at least a 30-minute break between sets.
The performance consists mostly of border morris dances (in the style of the Welsh border counties of England). However, the performance can also include instrumental pieces, songs, a mummer's play, a maypole dance, and/or teaching dances in which the audience is invited to participate.


Red Herring Morris's fees begin at $350 (excluding travel expenses) for one 60-minute or two 45-minute sets during our peak performance season (April 1 through June 30) plus travel expenses for locations outside I-495 but within a two-hour drive of Boston. Performances at off-peak times receive a $100 discount. An additional 50% discount is available for non-profit organizations.


If you are interested in booking us for a performance, please fill out our booking request form, or you can book us through Gig Salad.


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