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Video Clips


Click on the arrow to play the video in the thumbnail. Click anywhere else on the thumbnail to open the YouTube page in a separate window.

  • Froggy's First Jump, Meet Belmont '07
  • Seaside Shuffle, NEFFA '07
  • Morning Glory, NEFFA '07
  • May Day 2005 video by Mark Dulcey. (Includes Red Herring doing General Monck's March about 6 minutes into the video.)
  • Double Fiddler's Jig, London Ale '07 (Jeff Bigler and Jim Morrison of Albermarle Morris at a pub stop)

Day of Dance 2005 (courtesy of the Bausch family)

Sound Files

  • The Idiot: (played by A.J.)
  • Ladies' Pleasure: (played by Jeff B. and A.J.)
  • Cuckoo's Nest (played by Jeff B.)
  • Over the Hills and Far Away (played by Jeff B.)
  • The Keel Row (Woodhouse Bog)(played by Jeff B.)
  • Morning Glory (played by Jeff B.)
  • George Green's College Hornpipe (Mister Dolly) (played by Jeff B.)
  • Over the Top (played by Jeff B.)
  • The Keel Row Live: (from instruction at '08 Ale, full band) soundtrack
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