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2014 "Kettle of Fish" Ale

Saturday Evening October 11 - Monday Morning October 13, 2014

Salem & Boston, MA

Once again, Red Herring Morris will be holding our annual "Kettle of Fish" Ale on Columbus Day weekend. However, to accommodate out-of-town guests, we will have a full day of dancing on Sunday October 12, and a half-day on the morning of Monday October 13. This will allow for guests to travel to the ale on Saturday and to travel home on the Monday holiday.

Teams Attending

The following teams have confirmed that they're coming:

  • A Sworded Affair (Burlington, VT)
  • Ladies of the Rolling Pin (Wakefield, RI)
  • Red Herring Morris (Belmont, MA)

We're eagerly awaiting confirmation from a couple more teams.

If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the list of invitees to this and future ales, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Saturday October 11: Meet & Greet

6:00-11:00pm     Meet & greet, Belmont, MA

Sunday October 12, Salem, MA

Dancing at Salem Common, Derby Wharf (by the Friendship) and the Salem Willows.

Dinner at Jeff Bigler's house in Nahant.

Monday October 13, Boston, MA

Dancing, probably at Christopher Columbus Park and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.


The ale booklet, wihch includes directions to the dance stands, parking and dinner location, will be available for download shortly before the ale. Printed copies will be available at the Saturday Meet & Greet and at the first stand on Sunday.


Out-of-town guests will be billetted at the homes of members of Red Herring Morris.


We will provide a barbeque on Saturday evening, a restaurant lunch and catered dinner on Sunday, and a restaurant lunch on Monday for those who can stay. Breakfast for out-of-town guests will be provided by their hosts.

Food and soft drinks will be provided with lunch, but guests will need to purchase any alcoholic beverages they want. Food and drink (including beer) will be provided for dinner.


  • All weekend (Saturday evening through Monday lunch):
    • Adults (age 21 and over): $60
    • Teenagers (ages 13-20): $45
    • Children (ages 5-12): $30
    • Children under 5: free
  • Dancing and one meal only:
    • Adults (age 21 and over): $35
    • Teenagers (ages 13-20): $25
    • Children (ages 5-12): $15
    • Children under 5: free


This year's T-shirt design, by A.J. Liuba and Jill Singer, shows one version of how the Friendship was smuggled to Derby Wharf in Salem in a growler full of beer:

Kettle of Fish 2014 T-shirt design

T-shirts are available in cotton for $13 or a moisture-wicking "performance material" for $18. The shirts are available in several colors.

All shirts must be pre-ordered by September 20.. (If you don't pre-order, we won't order a shirt for you.)


We will provide ale buttons, most likely with the funny slogans. If you're curious, you can read the collection of ale button slogans from last year.


In the fall in New England, the weather is usually cool, but just about any kind of weather is possible, including beautiful & sunny, hot & muggy, or cold & rainy. Check the forecast close to the event and watch this space for details.

A 30-day weather forecast for Boston is available.

In the event of light rain, we will dance as scheduled. If it rains heavily we have alternate plans with indoor locations. Watch this space as we get closer to the event.

Invitation List

If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the list of invitees to this and future ales, please fill out this form.



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